Nexdot History

From Laboratory to Industry

Nexdot was created in 2010 on the initiative of Benoit Dubertret and Maurice Guillou, to promote the results of fundamental research obtained at the Laboratory of Physics and Materials Study of ESPCI (School of Physics and Industrial Chemistry of the City of Paris).
Nexdot’s work focuses primarily on the production and synthesis of Quantum Plates, a new generation of Quantum Dots.
Quantum Dots are nanometer-sized solid material structures, whose optical and electronic properties are directly dependent on size, and can be controlled with atomic precision. This makes it a future-proof material in many industrial fields, including screen manufacturing, lighting, energy storage, infrared detection and medical imaging.

Nexdot is rapidly developing a great deal of expertise in the surface chemistry of Quantum Plates, which is essential for their integration into manufacturing processes.

In March 2014, Nexdot was a laureate of the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation for its Nexcap project. This project focused on the use of Quantum Plates in the design of a new generation of extremely fast charging / discharging batteries.

A Rapid Growth

In May 2014, Nexdot participated in the organization of the “30 years of colloidal quantum dots” conference in Paris, which brought together all the world players in the sector, including Louis Brus, Aleksey Yekimov and Alexander. L. Efros, the three researchers behind the discovery of quantum dots.

In 2016, Nexdot hired Philippe Gounine as Chief Executive Officer and raised € 3.5 million from external investors. These funds are being used to build a team of junior and senior researchers, engineers and technicians with the highest level of expertise in the field, making it a top research team. It also allows the acquisition of additional equipment, essential for the adaptation of synthesis methods on an industrial scale. These investments will also accelerate the development of specific methods for the adaptation of quantum dots to existing production lines, particularly for the production of screens and lighting fixtures.

In 2016, Nexdot left the premises of the ESPCI to settle in the Biocitech technology center, better adapted to its activities and with access to larger facilities.