Our Technologies and Processes

The Quantum Plates

The discovery of Quantum Plates was a milestone in Nexdot’s development.
Thanks to one-dimensional confinement, these very specific Quantum Dots have properties particularly suitable for industrial use.
More resistant, and more brilliant, they are a solution very well adapted to manufacturing constraints.

Quantum Plates
Quantum pearls

Encapsulation of Nanocrystals

Encapsulation in a Quantum Pearl solves several problems in the use of Quantum Dots for consumer devices. It protects them from deterioration due to contact with water or oxygen molecules, it brings the size of the material into a micrometric scale, and it makes the most efficient Quantum Dots compatible with RoHS standard.

Support for Industrial Applications

Nexdot has built a great expertise in supporting industrial partners. Our solutions are designed according to your constraints, and tested with real life conditions in our laboratories.

Industrial partnerships