Quantum Dots, a Market Growing Strong

Ultra HD Screens

Over the next 5 years, analysts predict up to 50% annual growth in the Quantum Dots market.

On the sole production of Ultra HD TVs, the share of different technologies based on Quantum Dots will increase from 47% in 2017, to 63% in 2022, on a volume in very strong growth. The total surface area of Ultra HD TV screens containing Quantum Dots will be 77 million square meters.

Computer Monitors

In computer applications, Quantum Dot monitors are superior in terms of color rendering for graphic designers, video post-production, medical imaging, pixel accuracy, and refresh rate, which is important for video games.
As a result, high-quality Quantum Dot-based computer monitors will grow from approximately 25% market share in 2017 to almost 60% in 2022.

Light Sources for Lighting

Regarding light sources for lighting, Nexdot’s encapsulation technology makes the use of Quantum Dots perfectly compatible with existing manufacturing processes, a crucial point in a very competitive market. The adoption of Quantum Dots in this sector could thus be even faster than for screens, with projected growth exceeding 100% per year.

In the field of batteries, photovoltaic panels, infrared detection and medical imaging markets are not yet established.

There is therefore no reliable short-term prediction of mass commercialization of Quantum Dots products for these applications.

They will, however, eventually participate in the second phase of growth in the global Quantum Dots market.