Quantum Plates

Nexdot is at the origin of the discovery of Quantum Plates, Quantum Dots with 2 dimensions. Their performance far exceeds classic Quantum Dots for the most promising applications, in particular when producing vibrant colors on screens or on projected images.


Nexdot has developed a new method to encapsulate Quantum Plates into Quantum Pearls. This Quantum Pearl encapsulation allows the use of Quantum Plates without major modification of existing production processes, in compliance with RoHS.

A Team of Experts serving the Industry

Nexdot was created in 2010 at the prestigious École Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles (ESPCI) in the City of Paris, to promote the discoveries made in the laboratory of Physics and Materials Study. Laureate of the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation, Nexdot today brings together dozens of researchers in different laboratories equipped with the latest technologies at the Biocitech center in Romainville.

  • Industrial scale production line integrated into the laboratory
  • Dozens of patent families filed

More about Nexdot

Support for Industrial Demands

Nexdot has developed a complete expertise combining the synthesis of Quantum Plates, their transformation – by encapsulation for example – and their shaping in complex electro-optical components. Thanks to this rare expertise, Nexdot best meets the demands of manufacturers wishing to incorporate Quantum Plates in their products.

Development of Production Lines

Nexdot sets up the industrial pre-production of Quantum Plates and their encapsulation.

A Leading Player in a Fast-Growing Market

The Quantum Dot market has been growing exponentially, thanks to their potential applications in screens, lighting, infrared detection, energy production and storage.  With its exclusive portfolio of technologies and application-oriented methods, Nexdot is the ideal partner for the largest manufacturers.

  • Screens and monitors
  • Lighting equipment
  • Optoelectronics



Nexdot integrates synthesis units on an industrial scale.


We develop the integration processes of our Quantum Plates according to the specific needs of our industrial partners.


For each application, we internally validate the quality and stability of our products.

Nexdot, a Key Industrial Player in the new Quantum Dots Generation

Today, Nexdot is one of the world leaders in the development of Quantum Dots synthesis methods, and in the support of industrial companies for the adaptation of processes requiring these nanoparticles.

Come Discover our Customized Solutions

Nexdot will offer you a tailored solution to efficiently and rationally integrate your activity with the use of Quantum Plates or Quantum Pearls.

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