Quantum Dots


Considered by Richard Feynman at the end of the 1950s, the science of nanomaterials did not really take off until the 1980s. These very small particles make it possible to envisage a multitude of uses, in various fields. Some already have industrial applications.

History of Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots Discovery

The discovery of Quantum Dots took place in the Soviet Union. Soon after, their very specific properties attracted the attention of many researchers around the world. The methods of synthesis have been progressively improved since their discovery.

Quantum Dots Properties

The most promising property of Quantum Dots, from an industrial point of view, is the precise control of their wavelength, which is a direct function of their size.

Properties of Quantum Dots
Industrial use of Quantum Dots

Industrial Uses of Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots are used in the manufacture of high quality displays. They also have applications in other fields such as lighting, power storage/generation, and with the detection/analysis of biological samples.