The Market

Nexdot, a French Rising Star in the Field of Nanomaterials

With a strong group of leading edge researchers in the field of nanomaterials, Nexdot has been dedicated towards commercialization and industrial applications.  As Quantum Dots are difficult to process for mass-market products, in part due to their size and composition, Nexdot’s perfect mastery of synthetic methods have provided effective technical solutions to such problems.

Our attention to the most up-to-date technical and economic constraints and challenges of production enables us to provide our industrial partners with the best possible solution suited to their needs.

The Quantum Dots market

Taking Advantage of this Growing Sector

The exceptional properties of Quantum Dots for the production of screens, televisions, monitors, and lighting equipment is leading to a very rapid first phase of growth in the sector, with an expected annual increase of around 100%. Other applications, such as the production and storage of electricity, detection and analysis of biological samples will be in the medium term, and will be part of the second stage of development.

Nexdot, a Key Company on the Quantum Dots Market

Nexdot has developed exclusive technologies, including the synthesis of Quantum Plates and the encapsulation of nanocrystals, which perfectly meet the needs of industry in terms of material performance and ease of use. This gives us a considerable advantage over our competitors.

The strengths of Nexdot
Our added value

Our Products and Services

Nexdot can provide industrial partners with several services and products, including: producing our Quantum Plates according to the specific needs and constraints of our customers, granting them licenses to use our technologies, and/or providing support over the long-term in the industrial implementation of Quantum Dots. This comprehensive offer allows us to diversify our revenues for our investors.