Our Added Value

An Expert Team at your Service

Nexdot has hired high-level doctors, engineers, and technicians in a wide variety of technical fields to produce semiconductor nanoparticles and adapt them for use in a variety of opto-electronic components. This young and motivated team is very responsive and can adapt our technical solutions and our know-how to respond appropriately and quickly to the request of our customers.

A Complete and Adapted Offer

Nexdot can provide industrial players with several services and products. This can range from: producing Quantum Dots according to their specific needs and constraints, granting licenses to use our technologies, and/or providing support over the long-term in the industrial implementation of Quantum Dots.

  • Production

  • License

  • Support on Implementation

Quantum Dots Production and Encapsulation

We manufacture, on an industrial scale, highly efficient Quantum Dots according to your needs and specifications.
We can also encapsulate nanoparticles synthesized by another laboratory, to facilitate their handling and make them compatible with RoHS standards.

User Licenses

Nexdot can grant its partners licenses to use its proprietary technologies, so that they can control their entire production. This includes synthesis methods, and specific techniques such as encapsulation.

Support for Industry

With its expertise in the field, Nexdot supports manufacturers in the use and production of Quantum Dots. This takes the form of a true partnership to adapt production tools, methods of synthesis and integration.

Nexdot is the only player in the synthesis and application of Quantum Plates so far.

French champion in a fast-growing sector, our development will remain very fast over the coming years.