Nexdot Assets

A Major Player in Quantum Dots Research

With a team of more than 20 scientists, engineers, and technicians at the forefront of research on nanocrystals, Nexdot is at the focal point of major discoveries in the field. We are simultaneously working on the methods of synthesis, the analysis and the improvement of the properties of the Quantum Dots, and on the techniques of integrating them into different industrial processes. Our laboratories also incorporate a unit to test the resistance and stability of Quantum Dots. Nexdot’s patent portfolio spans a variety of different areas, with active R&D pushing the limits in all domains.

Exclusive Technologies

Nexdot has developed two extremely important technologies in the field of Quantum Dots.
Quantum Plates, Quantum Dots with one-dimensional confinement, are significantly more efficient than spherical Quantum Dots for most applications. They are brighter, better heat resistant when encapsulated, more stable over time, and easier to implement industrially.
The encapsulation of Quantum Dots in Quantum Pearls greatly facilitates their integration into screens or lighting equipment. These pearls, which are comparable in size to the phosphors already used by manufacturers, protect nanocrystals from water and oxygen molecules.

Full Compliance with RoHS

Thanks to encapsulation, Nexdot provides high-performance Quantum Dots that are fully compatible with the strictest version of the RoHS standard. This is a very important point for the manufacture of consumer devices for the European market.
Even more generally, the confinement in a Quantum Pearl does not allow nanoparticles to leach. It is an effective solution to a common concern about the use of these new materials.

Expertise on Industrial Processes

Nexdot very quickly understood the importance of supporting its industrial partners in the integration of Quantum Dots into their production lines. We are able to test the methods on a large scale, and to propose concrete solutions, adapted to different situations, taking into account costs, and profitability objectives.